Power Washing

Power Washing Services

Do you want to get rid of dirt, grime, mould and other contaminants from your home, office, or any other site? If you want to get a completely clean exterior and interior space, then you should get our power washing cleaning services in Toronto. Our cleaners will easily handle even the most difficult cleaning tasks and will make all the surfaces look sparkling new.

The clean and pristine place that we will leave you with is going to make you breathe peacefully and feel refreshed. A revitalized site will naturally fill you with positivity, energy, and confidence. A clean space will also be great for other people who are utilizing that facility.

Tycoon Cleaning will transform your space with our premium power washing services. By getting our Toronto cleaning services, you will get cost-effective and customized power washing service plans.

See The Wide Range of Our Services

We provide a lot of different cleaning services that you can choose from. All of these
cleaning services are top-class and customizable.

Computer Cleaning

Have your computer and other digital devices cleaned diligently. We use special tools and gentle cleaning techniques to clean your computer and other devices.

Washing Windows

Get crystal-clear windows with no sign of smudge left behind. You can opt for regular window maintenance or a deep clean.

Sweeping Floors

Have your floors swept and every nook and corner cleaned. Your floors will shine once they are swept by our cleaning staff.

Cleaning Bathrooms

Get a clean bathroom that is completely sanitized and disinfected. You will have a fresh and hygienic experience due to it.

Room Disinfection

Enjoy a room that is germ-free and fully disinfected. You can breathe in a refreshing space in your home because of it.

Taking Out The Trash

We also provide trash removal from your office or home. It ensures that you get clean and odour-free surroundings.

10+ Years

of Cleaning Experience

We have more than a decade of experience providing excellent cleaning and carpet cleaning services in Toronto and across Ontario. We have cleaned a lot of buildings, condos, hotels, offices, homes, restaurants, stores, institutes etc., till now. Alongside this, we are also wsib Ontario and an IICRC-certified cleaning service provider. The reason that makes us the market leader is the customized solutions that we provide to our customers.

Some of the services that we provide are:-

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High Dusting Cleaning

High Dusting

Power Washing Cleaning

Power Washing

Window cleaning service

Window Cleaning

Gym/Fitness center floor cleaning

Strip & Wax Services

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Environmental consciousness is the topmost priority in our work.

A lot of water is wasted, and harmful chemicals are used during the entire process of power washing. Along with it, noise pollution is caused, and the materials like dirt & sediments get released from the surfaces in this cleaning process. So, to minimize it, we do power washing mindfully and sustainably.

We use only those power cleaning equipment and products that are nature-friendly. Furthermore, we dispose of all the waste that is generated during this whole process.

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