Day Matron/Porter Service

Day Matron/Porter Service

Do you want to get the finest cleaning services in Toronto, trash management, restroom maintenance, and maintenance support for your commercial or industrial property? In case you confirm, then you should get Tycoon Cleaning’s day matron/porter services in Toronto. We will handle all your cleaning needs alongside providing you with customized plans as per your requirements.

Just think about how feasible it will be for you to have your office or industry’s cleaning outsourced to a dedicated team of cleaning experts. The pristine space you get will naturally become welcoming and impressive for your clients and employees.

Get the unrivalled Toronto cleaning services by contacting us today. Let us serve you with our supportive day matron/porter service, and that too at affordable prices.

See The Wide Range of Our Services

We provide a lot of different cleaning services that you can choose from. All of these
cleaning services are top-class and customizable.

Computer Cleaning

Experiencing overheating issues with your electronic devices? Ignoring it could lead to performance problems caused by dirt buildup. Find a timely solution by opting for our regular computer cleaning services.

Window Cleaning

Dirty streaks on your windows? They can affect your health. Opt for our efficient window cleaning services to ensure your windows regain their shine.

Sweeping Floors

High-traffic areas easily collect dirt, detracting from your space's appearance. If you're facing this issue, our professional sweeping floor services can assist you.

Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom cleaning is tough, with various surfaces and germs to tackle. But don't worry, we've got you covered. Our services include scrubbing sinks and floors, disinfecting surfaces, and removing mould and mildew. Plus, we offer customizable packages to suit your needs.

Room Disinfection

Worried about germs in your room? Let us help. Our room disinfection services target germs in the air and on surfaces, ensuring a fresh environment. Customize your plan to fit your needs and schedule.

Taking the Trash Out

Struggling with overflowing trash? Let us handle it. Our regular trash removal services keep your space clean and fresh. Customize your schedule for convenience.

10+ Years

of Cleaning Experience

We have more than a decade of experience providing excellent cleaning and carpet cleaning services in Toronto and across Ontario. We have cleaned a lot of buildings, condos, hotels, offices, homes, restaurants, stores, institutes etc., till now. Alongside this, we are also wsib Ontario and an IICRC-certified cleaning service provider. The reason that makes us the market leader is the customized solutions that we provide to our customers.

Some of the services that we provide are:-

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Our Expertise

High Dusting Cleaning

High Dusting

Power Washing Cleaning

Power Washing

Window cleaning service

Window Cleaning

Gym/Fitness center floor cleaning

Strip & Wax Services

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Environmental consciousness is the topmost priority in our work.

Almost all business organizations, industries, and startups understand the responsibility that they have towards protecting our environment. They take extraordinary measures to fulfill their commitment to preserving our ecosystem. That’s the reason even we give all in to do planet-conscious cleaning in their commercial and industrial spaces.

We use the latest cleaning equipment that has a very low to negligible impact on the environment, along with using carbon-neutral products for cleaning. Our cleaning staff make sure that all the waste gets disposed of and recycled as well.

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