5 Cleaning Styles Which Will Rule In 2024

As we kick off 2024, it's time for new plans and fresh vibes. If you're thinking about keeping things clean this year, you're right on track. Let's dive into the top five cleaning trends making waves in 2024.

#1. Super Cleaning with Disinfecting

Even though the big COVID-19 worries have eased, keeping things super clean is still in. Regularly disinfecting high-touch surfaces helps stop the spread of illnesses. So, adding routine disinfection to your cleaning routine is a smart move.

#2. Construction Sites Getting a Makeover

Lots of new homes and buildings are going up everywhere. Construction companies are now making sure their workers have nice, clean places to do their jobs. They're fixing up temporary offices and washrooms, making sure everything stays fresh and tidy.

#3. Floors Getting a Shine-Up

Floors are getting some extra love these days. Tycoon Cleaning is here to make your floors sparkle. Whether it's your home or office, we can get rid of scratches and stains, making your floors look brand new. Clean floors not only make you happy but also leave a great impression on guests and clients.

#4. Everything in One Place

We know your time is precious. That's why Tycoon Cleaning does it all – from cleaning your place to restocking supplies, washing windows, and scrubbing floors. No need to call different people; we've got everything covered, so you can focus on what you do best.

#5. Going Green for a Cleaner Future

Green cleaning is the cool way to clean now. It means using stuff that's good for the environment and doesn't harm your health. Traditional cleaners can be harsh on surfaces and not so great for your health. Switching to green cleaning is like giving your space a fresh and healthy makeover.


Tycoon Cleaning is all about keeping your spaces clean and following the latest trends. Make 2024 the year of cleaner, safer, and cooler spaces by adding these new cleaning ideas to your plan. Cheers to a spick-and-span year ahead!